Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Your body and mind relax deeply as you feel the warmed cotton cloth of aromatic herbal infusion covering your face. Ever so gently these fragrant wraps are pressed onto your skin, and you begin to feel completely at ease and cared for.

Your face is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, purified and nourished with different herbal masks suited to your complexion. Flower waters are applied to preserve the natural equilibrium of your skin, followed by hot aromatic compresses with selected essential oils. Gentle hands massage your face, scalp, neck and shoulders, arms hands and feet.

Color light therapy aids in deep relaxation and balance. As you let go, you begin releasing the energy that holds all of your feelings that no longer serve you. Feelings that are often visible in your face through muscle contractions that hold every pattern, every impact, every trauma you’ve ever experienced.

Throughout this facial rejuvenation treatment your body and spirit rest deeply – renewing both, your outer beauty and your inner self.

Gisela, your facials and body work are so absolutely unique and unlike any other.
There is something unspoken and magical with the work that you do.
One would be blessed and transformed to experience a treatment by you.

-Stephanie Dodge